Steve Grantley & The Zed Hedz


FunkPunk (Signed Special Edition)

Image of FunkPunk (Signed Special Edition)

FunkPunk Limited Special Edition signed by Steve and Jonesy.

- FunkPunk album on 180 gram 'Vivid FunkPunk Yellow' Vinyl with full size 11x11" full colour booklet.
- FunkPunk CD album with full colour booklet.
- FunkPunk sticker pack.
- FunkPunk postcard.


"Not what one would immediately expect from the drummer of Belfast’s own Stiff Little Fingers. Sticksman Steve Grantley shows off multi-instrumental skills whilst rock guitar player Jonesy provides juicy lead solos. Reminiscent of Mr John Lydon, Grantley’s voice whines, supported by dub bass and 70’s keyboards. There’s echoes of early Kool and the Gang, Sly and Robbie and Bootsy Collins’ 70’s albums with the usual punk rock nihilism one would expect from someone who’s day job is playing drums for SLF. Turn on, Tune in, funk out" - Artsrocker, The Metro

"The blend of Pistols and Prince on the FunkPunk album has groovy beats and crazy distorted guitars, excellent. UK punks funk it up in a new way with great monster vibes shaking the speakers. Clear sound production is super powerful with favourite tracks being The Disconnect, Clean, Smash The Idols and Clone" - Gia Tanaka, Shoxx UK/Japan

"It is bloody brilliant and works surprisingly well. It retains all the things I love about punk. Great meaningful lyrics, proper punk vocals. Well done, fantastic stuff!" - sammyc.71, Instagram