Steve Grantley & The Zed Hedz




"Grantley’s vocals are haunting and reminiscent of Bowie and a little Lennon, while the EP is raw and viciously beautiful" - Top Shelf Music

"A magnificent display of how rock n roll can still sound fresh and unique. Steve Grantley & The Zed Hedz revitalized the genre with soulful vocal articulations, generous servings of guitar effects, catchy riffs and chord progressions, massive basslines, and exceptional drumming. It has been a long time since rock n roll sounded this good and you should put Poison Ivy Where Did You Go? on your radar as soon as possible" - Thoughts Words Action

"Poison Ivy Where Did You Go? opens things with some 12-bar blues with a strut. It’s got more lip-curl than Billy Idol on that workday advert, then you find the hook has wedged itself in" - Maximum Volume Music


"This is a return to the gritty rock ‘n’ roll approach of their album Zed Hed, after the more funk-flavoured album FUNKPUNK and industrial debut Return To Zero."
- Maximum Volume Music

"Zednation consists of twelve excellent songs that prove Grantley is not only a good drummer but an extraordinary songwriter. This material carries everything you love about rock’n’roll, but as is usually the case, there’s more than meets the eye. This album is built upon brilliant lyricism, powerful riffs, ear-appealing chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences." -
Thoughts Words Action


"Killer grooves with punk rock moves! Funky keys and solid beats! Tune in, turn on, funk out." - Evening Standard

"Not what one would immediately expect from the drummer of Belfast’s own Stiff Little Fingers. Sticksman Steve Grantley shows off multi-instrumental skills whilst rock guitar player Jonesy provides juicy lead solo’s. Reminiscent of Mr John Lydon, Grantley’s voice whines  supported by dub bass and 70’s keyboards. There’s echoes of early Kool and the Gang, Sly and Robbie and Bootsy Collins’ 70’s albums with the usual punk rock nihilism one would expect from someone who’s day job is playing drums for SLF. Turn on, Tune in, funk out." - Artsrocker, The Metro

"After the first few plays I hit the repeat button every time . . . this will be the soundtrack to your summer." - Rob Hurst, In The Poppy Fields

"RT-Zed - FUNKPUNK - Innovative genre mixing for the Black Mirror generation." - The Sunday Herald

"The blend of Pistols and Prince on the RTZed FunkPunk CD has groovy beats and crazy distorted guitars, excellent. UK punks funk it up in a new way with great monster vibes shaking the speakers. Clear sound production is super powerful with favourite tracks are The Disconnect, Clean, Smash The Idols and Clone." 9/10 - Gia Tanaka, Shoxx UK/Japan

"It is bloody brilliant and works surprisingly well. It retains all the things I love about punk. Great meaningful lyrics, proper punk vocals. Well done, fantastic stuff!" - sammyc.71, Instagram


"This live album captures RT-Zed in full flow, blasting out their energetic rock 'n' roll tunes for a cheering crowd. The ten tracks are cut from across their back catalogue of three studio albums and show that SLF drummer Steve Grantley can do the frontman thing pretty damn well." - Vive Le Rock Magazine


"Zed Hed is a rare triumph, a massive surprise – unusual in this tired rock ‘n’ roll age where bands seem to be coasting and going through the motions; few are making records like this anymore – it screams here have some of this!" -
Rock Regeneration

"This dirty rock n roll really hits the spot with stand out tracks like “Too Far In To Get Out” ,” Room No 5″ and “Everything’s On Sale” sounding superb with their skilfully played driving guitars alongside very infectious choruses which gives this album every chance of appearing in many peoples music collections very soon." - Louder Than War

"The album certainly meets expectations and on every repeated listen begins to exceed them with ease as the strength of the tunes and song writing manage to burrow into your subconscious. The surprise to me is that there is a real mix on the album which helps to keep it fresh and exciting rather than flowing into one with nothing standing out." - In The Poppy Fields

"The opening track Invocation sets the album off nicely with a real rabble rouser, but the album lurches towards a much rockier sound and some damn good songs with a much poppier feel but very much guitar based and shows a more sensitive side to what you might expect." - With Guitars

If you’re a fan of the kind of beer-soaked rock ‘n’ roll of The Wildhearts or the like, then this album from a punk rock legend is well worth your time. An experienced musician spreading his musical wings in style." -
Big Cheese Magazine