Steve Grantley & The Zed Hedz


Poison Ivy Where Did You Go EP (CD)

Image of Poison Ivy Where Did You Go EP (CD)

This 4 track EP in CD format pays homage to the Queen of Rock n Roll, Poison Ivy. She is a true feminist musical icon who not only played all lead and rhythm guitars for The Cramps but also bass when needed. She co-wrote all the bands original material and was often behind the recording desk as producer. She was a major part of The Cramps image and looked like a rock n roll Goddess at all times, on and off the stage. Poison Ivy we salute you.

1. Where Did You Go
2. My Bombshell Baby From The USA
3. Rock N Roll Fever
4. The Queen Of Rock N Roll


"Grantley’s vocals are haunting and reminiscent of Bowie and a little Lennon, while the EP is raw and viciously beautiful" - Top Shelf Music

"A magnificent display of how rock n roll can still sound fresh and unique. Steve Grantley & The Zed Hedz revitalized the genre with soulful vocal articulations, generous servings of guitar effects, catchy riffs and chord progressions, massive basslines, and exceptional drumming. It has been a long time since rock n roll sounded this good and you should put Poison Ivy Where Did You Go? on your radar as soon as possible" - Thoughts Words Action

"Poison Ivy Where Did You Go? opens things with some 12-bar blues with a strut. It’s got more lip-curl than Billy Idol on that workday advert, then you find the hook has wedged itself in" - Maximum Volume Music