Steve Grantley & The Zed Hedz


ZedNation (VINYL)

Image of ZedNation (VINYL)

ZedNation album in VINYL format.

1. Black Heart Of Love
2. Don't Hit The Brakes Until You Crash
3. Super Faker
4. Until The Next Time
5. Why Did I Ever Care
6. Ride With Me
7. Little Bitch
8. Quiet Child
9. Teach You A Lesson
10. She Wakes Up Crying
11. Uncomplicated
12. Ain't Gonna Go


"This is a return to the gritty rock n roll approach of their album Zed Hed, after the more funk-flavoured album FunkPunk and industrial debut Return To Zero" - Maximum Volume Music

"ZedNation consists of twelve excellent songs that prove Grantley is not only a good drummer but an extraordinary songwriter. This material carries everything you love about rock n roll, but as is usually the case, there’s more than meets the eye. This album is built upon brilliant lyricism, powerful riffs, ear-appealing chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences" - Thoughts Words Action